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Forget ReThreaded.net and say hello to TeeTrade.org (0)

Published on September 2nd, 2008. By

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I remember early this year when I learned of a site called ReThreaded.net

which allows you to exchange, sell, buy used t-shirts on a forum style web site. Great idea, not so great web site. I registered for an account in early January only to receive an email that stated the administrator needed to activate my account… Never got an acceptance email and now my username is no longer in their database. I have since forgot about this web site until today when i learned of a newly launched site that did the same thing but with a lot more appeal called TeeTrade . In short this site is a full automated front end that will let you upload t-shirts that you are willing to trade or wanting to find with a few simple clicks. All transactions are done outside of the TeeTrade realm so you might take some risk when trading shirts with a stranger, but if you don’t wear the shirt anyways why not risk it?

Check out the most popular tees for trade and you find the hideous Aaarrrgyle

print from shirt.woot.com that should have never been printed as #1.


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