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Desired Hearts T-shirt Store – Now open – well sorta (0)

Published on August 25th, 2008. By

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Desired Hearts

is a new fashion friendly t-shirt shop that also gives back to the public via charity donations. You might be thinking “great another strict charity shop with crappy designs & religious views” but Desired Hearts is far from these viewpoints.  Instead DH encourages free form design and liberal views when it comes to submitting artwork.  Nothing about this (beta) site says “failure” and the layout is simply beautiful. So far products are priced at $25 giving room for artist commission and an automatic $2 charity donation. The site is up for beta testing purposes now, so you will not be able to make a purchase, but heads up you better put this one on your delicious bookmarks because this store will not disappoint.

Pretty much anything goes with us. Nothing offensive that is targeted at any group or any nonsense like that, but we have a very liberal stance on art. And we don’t feel that we should be censoring anyone’s art.

every time we sell a shirt, we give $2.00 to a charity of the customer’s choice and up to $3.00 to the designer. We say “up to” because the designer can choose to give a portion or all of that $3.00 to the charity also. So from your purchase, you could be giving up to $5.00 to charity!!

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