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Hey DBH, where the hell are the winners of the FTSK contest? (0)

Published on August 22nd, 2008. By

, under Design by Humans .

Remember when DBH announced a t-shirt design contest for the band Forever The Sickest Kids

? Do you remember ever seeing a winner announced? Well that’s because there hasn’t been a winner and either DBH or the band is the cause for the hold up. On an email I sent to DBH on August 7th, DBH claimed that they were waiting on the bands decision and that the winner should be announced in a week at the most. Well guess what, the Warp tour is over so if you submitted a design it want be on the tour  So what about the other prizes that were suppose to be given: cash prize of 1000, itunes credit, & signed goodies from the band? A winner needs to be announced soon – many artist spent hours and hours working designs only to be put in limbo on finding out if they won or not .


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