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Published on August 13th, 2008. By

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Below you will find some of the most inspirational t-shirt artist as per my opinion. These are either well established artist that have unique qualities or rapidly aspiring artist that also hold a unique place in t-shirt design. Feel free to express your opinions and where you draw your inspiration from.

Jimmy Benedict (jimiyo)

Nothing that comes from this artist is 2nd best in my eyes. Jimmy (jimiyo) always introduces new and inspiring ideas that can even “wow” the most experience t-shirt artist out there. He is the only one that actually should have his own category on this blog and was one of my first favorite artist

. He has submitted work to Design By Humans and Threadless the like but doesn’t stray away from some of the smaller shops such as Bang Bang T-shirts . Jimmy has also taken up a positive role with his own art blog by creating some very intuitive design tutorials.

Find this artist on Emptees

, Jimiyo.com

Glenn Jones (glennz)

Known for his extensive threadless profile

(with an amazing 20 prints), Glenn Jones has recently branched off from the threadless world and created his own shop . With a butt load of threadless submissions that were never printed, Glenn has an exceptional arsenal of designs to pick and print for his new shop . His style is clean and fresh stemming from sometimes simple ideas that really make for a phenomenal illustration. Glenn Jones is a world class t-shirt designer and his most recent move to branch off and open his own shop is truly inspirational.

Find this artist on Glennz Tee’s

Matheus Lopesmat (mathiole)

Matheus Lopes – an artist that has been popping up on my radar the past few months with some really great designs. His most recent submission to threadless titled “E.x.ecutioner

” blew my mind with the use of colors and the unique style. Going by some of his printed designs on threadless and design by humans it is clear to see that this artist knows how to please the eye. His unique color style is not uniform across his artwork which means he can easily change style – and he does it very well. Matheus most recent collaboration (and DBH submission) with user rodrigomuller is simply incredible and a true homage to Design by Humans one year Anniversary. The artwork from Matheus seems to only get better with time which means we haven’t seen anything yet.

Find this artist on Emptees

, Mathiole.com

Edno Pereira Jr (Draco)

Endo Pereira Jr (draco) is an amazing artist who’s portfolio deserves much more attention. Endo fairs well on contest at laFraise with nine printed designs

but is well overlooked on threadless and DBH with only a small portion of his submissions printed. My favorite and most inspiring design from this artist is the “chimp ” design which features a monkey painting a Rubik cub. His style is clean much like Glenn Jones but with sometimes more complex ideas. Endo is the master of having several unique styles and is clearly shown on his portfolio . You can also read a small interview that threadless did with Endo back when the threadless design “smack ” was printed.

Find this artist on Darcoimagem.com

AJ Dimarucot (Collision Theory)

Aj is an absolute brilliant artist that holds his own style among the masses of t-shirt designers out there. His most recent win for “T-Shirt of the Month” at Design by Humans only reestablishes what a great artist he really is. Some describe his work as “splatters and drips” but his style is not limited to those aspects. His 1000 cranes design

or most recent run buddah run design simply shows how multi-talented Aj truly is. Furthermore Aj’s collaboration with artist jimiyo is just awesomely sick and can only hope it makes it to the print shop. You can read an extensive interview with Aj Dimarucot over at Fantastic Bonanza.

Find this artist on Emptees

, Collision- Theory.com


Huebucket has made a nice mark on t-shirt culture with seven threadless prints and 2 design by humans wins. Most of his work depicts beautiful figures paired with a unique flowing style. Huebucket has even had the time to open his own line featuring several unique designs with two different color options. Nothing about his work says amateur and I only wish more of his work get printed.  Check out his threadless profile

to see some of his top scoring submissions, including Captured Nostalgia , my current fav.

Find this artist on Huebucket.com

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