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Paul Baines from buy-tees.net calls it quits after rip off rant (0)

Published on August 5th, 2008. By

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Kinda surprised at the overall randomness of his rants. Seems as though after he removed his previous article

calling out a threadless artist – he has since posted another rant along with his resignation . Your head isn’t on straight man, maybe blogging isn’t for you after all.

Today I removed a post, I woke up, saw a rip off design, ranted, then fell back to sleep. I awoke again, and read a rant at T-Critic about how the idea was ten-a-penny and thought, you know what you’re right Karl, screw this, t-shirt designers rip each other off all the time and critics feed off their hard work for a little content to grab some ad revenues, but I don’t do that, and it would’ve been nice to have got some support instead of the slagging he posted.

So I’m off, no more t-shirt designs, no more t-shirt reviews, no more dumbass social networks, just me and my art.

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