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Buy-tees.net Paul Baines claims threadless design is a rip off (0)

Published on August 5th, 2008. By

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I woke up this morning to find a nice little rant and accusation

that t-shirt artist yoshi andrian had ripped an original design from buy-tees.net administrator and designer Paul Baines. After merely looking at the designs I can certainly come to the conclusion that this design is easily thought of (use of a gramaphone is popular in t-shirt design) and doubtful it is a direct rip off – unlike some others I might agree with. Once I sat down and read the post made by buy-tees.net administrator I was pretty surprised at the hostile manner in which the article was written given the common element involved.

quote from article


Yes the image is different, but essentially the idea is a complete and utter rip. All I can take comfort in is that Yoshi will have a sinking feeling in his stomach and even a pang of guilt when everyone realises what a rip-off merchant he is. There’s no law against it, it doesn’t count as copyright infringement and what the hell could I do against Threadless – if they were decent people they’d split the winnings with me

Yoshi Andrian

is no artist that needs to use rip off designs to make a profit. Just look at his previous prints and profile and you can make the assumption that he wouldn’t dirty up his reputation over ripping off one design. This to me is not a rip off, and at the most maybe some inspiration was taken from the original design, but why would an established artist need inspiration from a lesser known artist and designer?

yoshi andrian

current version (printed):

Paul Baines original version:


Update: apparently the original article was removed by buy-tee’s a few minutes after i posted this article. 



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