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Suggested reading – Pricing Your Tees, and What It Means for Your Business (0)

Published on July 30th, 2008. By

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I recently came across an interesting article titled "Pricing Your Tees, and What It Means for Your Business

" by fellow Emptees user Quest – and really couldn’t agree more with the majority of his points. Quest was able to layout three different pricing points and the Pro’s and Con’s of each (and with a straight forward approach). Here is an excerpt of this useful article.


This is the most commonplace price for most shirts, and for good reason. This price normally covers most of the cost of producing the shirt, while still allowing the artist and or business to make some very reasonable profits off of its merchandise.

When to price like this…
This is recommended for most Indie labels or relatively consumer friendly stores looking to move most of its stock as painlessly as possible.


  1. Easier to swallow prices give better chance of sales.
  2. This is the standard most people are expecting to pay, give the people what they want! :)
  3. Doesn’t make you look like a greedy bastard.

what do you think of Quest’s article? Comment below

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