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Joe @ Fantastic Bonanza resigns (0)

Published on July 21st, 2008. By

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Today Joe at Fantastic Bonanza

(t-shirt store, and blog) announced he is leaving Fantastic Bonanza for ever.   The reason is not known at this time but a recent post suggested things have been slow due to "some changes that are happening behind the scenes here at Fantastic Bonanza.". Over a week later and he post his resignation, along with a top 10 hot dog shirts? What will happen to the store and blog? It is unclear at this time but there are others behind the walls of Fantastic Bonanza and I can only hope things will move forward. Peace Joe you have been a great insider to this culture and was one of the people that helped get this blog on its feet.

is with this post that I publicly announce my official resignation from both Fantastic Bonanza and Fantastic Blognanza. It’s been 2/1.5 years of immense personal growth, and I’m glad I’ve had all of these experiences and met all these great people.



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