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Great printed t-shirt designs that you might not know about (0)

Published on July 16th, 2008. By

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Some small shops tend to have the most unique and under rated designs. Below I have listed a few that I think deserve recondition and your purchase :) If your a regular on Taddict you might already know some of these.


From a bigcartel

store that I have featured in the past comes this design called What Goes around Comes Around by Gabe of 1Aeon. "

The multilayered silkscreened tee has an oversized front print with a Skull (purple) and hands and knives (night-glow white so yes these guys are GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!).


A previous Taddict sponsor

that has great taste in design. These guys truly have a great selection of shirts. This one is called Inkbath BM and is by Brian Morris

A rose is a rose… Ink Authority Brian Morris’ kick at the inkbath. Hand mixed colors on Brick; you will love this feel of this shirt, a UNISEX cut.

Straw Castle

From my most recent inspiring artist comes the store Straw Castle

by Derrick Castle (aka dcastle8183 ). This is his first printed design for the store and it is an awesome 2 color print titled Thus Be Judged.

The meaning of this design is "The Judgment of Evil." In tattoo art the Ape represents Evil and the Dagger, Judgment.

Palm Shirts

I usually stay away from this shop

simply because visiting their store could give you a seizure you want forget (to many flashing images) but I really like this design. MISFIT BY CARLA POTT



Bad Designer Threads

Similar to how Turn Nocturnal

uses text in there designs, Bad Designer Threads comes up with some killer concepts. I personally love the comic sans design and this one titled Designer "Word" .

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