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Checklist every t-shirt store should follow – Part I (0)

Published on June 25th, 2008. By

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I previously wrote a post on tips if you want your store published

which could be added to this as well – but this post is to help you critique your own store based off my experiences to best please your customers and gain sales.




Show large detail of your artwork.. Glennz tee’s is a great example of full sized art being shown so that you can see the detail and quality of the work.





Show an actual printed t-shirt with the design the customer is looking for. If you only show the art how is the customer suppose to see if the print isn’t crap ? Fuzzy Ink has the right idea – showing 3 different views of the artwork and the printed tee.




















Define your shirts with brand name and size charts. Don’t force your readers to leave your site by saying you only print on AA shirts but don’t show the size chart directly on your site. NoiseBot gives great detail when it comes to correctly describing their shirts.

5.3 oz., 100% cotton, preshrunk (Heather Grey: 90% cotton/10% polyester). Seamless double-needle collar; taped neck and shoulders; double-needle sleeve and bottom hems. Imported. Made under strict anti-sweatshop conditions.


















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Glennz tee’s sale starts tomorrow (0)

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Not sure how much his shirts will be reduced but I wouldn’t miss out on his great designs!

starts 11am CST tomorrow (June 25th in USA) and will last for 5 days, June 25-30

Bang Bang t-shirts picks up a jimiyo design (0)

Published on June 24th, 2008. By

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Rejected by threadless and picked up by Bang Bang

Emptees comments on this design

Jimiyo gets around – you hoe :)


Concrete Hermit Sale – up to 50% off (0)

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We are having a quick sale in our online store. There are big savings to be had with between 20% – 50% off T-shirts and Books and 10% off all badge sets.
We’re having a clear out to make way for our new stock. Some sizes/ designs may be limited…


Some great designs up for grabs. Sizes are limited!

The last unicorn – design by humans sub (0)

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First submission by user stickywikit

You have my vote, great colors.

A bright 8 color design of a unicorn being eaten by an octo tree.


The Devil’s in the Details – threadless sub (0)

Published on June 24th, 2008. By

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Threadless sub by FRICKINAWESOME

Very creative work from this talented artist.

Jimiyo lands another uneetee design – yours for only $12 (0)

Published on June 23rd, 2008. By

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This design is crazy awesome and has come a long way since its first drafts.

BigStoneHead opens up about Ripple Junction’s design (0)

Published on June 23rd, 2008. By

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In case you haven’t been following this subject matter

visit these


I wanted to make sure both sides had their own post in order to express both sides of the story. Nothing was address to me in this letter so I will not respond to it. Feel free to comment on your own. This will be the last post I make regarding this subject.


Hi there,
This is Avery from BigStoneHead.net. I designed our “All My Friends Are Dead” shirt, and I’d like to respond to Neil and the folks at Ripple Junction.

Ripple Junction said, “Ask yourself, is it possible that 2 people in different places used a pop culture phrase and paired it with a dinosaur?”

Yes, sure, it’s possible. But that’s not the point. The point is, if you google search “all my friends are dead,” you get three links to our shirt on the first results page. If you google “all my friends are dead shirt” you get 9 links to our shirt. I’m a designer, and every time I have an idea that I think is worth making I check as carefully as I can to make sure it wasn’t done before. And my company is relatively small. The folks at Ripple Junction, when selling to
national-chain-mega-store Hot Topic, have the RESPONSIBILITY to really make sure they’re not making something that’s already been made. Spiderman said: with great shirt power comes great shirt responsibility.

Never mind the fact that the shirts are clearly the same idea. Never mind the same text. Never mind the same dinosaur. They say it was a coincidence, fine. What isn’t fine is that they apparently didn’t do a single search to see if it was already on the market.

On Ripple Junction’s website, under Terms and Conditions for submitting shirt ideas, they say they’ll “compensate the individual who submitted the Design, provided that the Design or a substantially similar Design is not already in Ripple Junction’s possession or being worked on by Ripple Junction.” It seems
they’re very thorough when it comes to checking  to see if a new design is “substantially similar” to something they already own. It’s unfortunate that that they don’t apply the same standards when checking if other people have been selling a shirt since 2002. Ask yourself: is their shirt “substantially similar”
to ours?

If it’s truly the case that the shirts’ similarities are pure coincidence,
Ripple Junction is irresponsible for not checking, and it’s a bad situation for me, the little guy, who, within a few weeks of the shirt being mass-produced for Hot Topic with Ripple Junction’s tag, will no longer be recognized as the creator of this idea.

Website: www.bigstonehead.net

Ripple Junction responds to rip off accusation (0)

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Based off my first post located here

Comment by Neil on June 20, 2008 @ 4:37 am

(cross posted at youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com


This is Neil, one of the owners of Ripple Junction. I want to explain a few things about what happened in the creation of this design.

When I first saw this blog posting, I was pissed. Pissed at the designer that did this and I demanded an explanation. We don’t roll like that, and I want to point out to astra that this has not happened before; it was a Goodie Two Sleeves design that was posted previously.

When I questioned the artist, this is his exact response, I’ve included links to the images he’s referring to:

“Dude, I have never seen that.

I came across the attached (http://ripplejunction.com/friends.jpg

) image in a list of the top 50 funniest album covers. I jotted down the title cuz I thought it might work with a zombie design, or even something for Resident Evil. I later heard the verbiage again in a song by the band Turbonegro , so I realized it was pretty much a pop culture phrase. I even saw an art print a guy did using batteries that had this verbiage as the title. (http://www.ripplejunction.com/allmyfriendsaredead.gif ) The idea I had sat in my notebook for while, though.

One day hot topic was asking for some quick dino tee ideas, and I thought it could work for that, too. And if you remember, after they saw the original design I made (which had a bloody t rex I think) they are the ones that suggested to change it to a stegasarus. How do we know he didn’t use the idea after he saw it at hot topic? The youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com

website is notorious for not having editors or fact checkers. Its an open blog.”

I went through my email’s (we originally showed this design to Hot Topic in Feb 08). We showed a cartoony t rex with the verbiage (image here http://ripplejunction.com/RJJS1191.jpg

), and hot topic wanted something a little less cartoony. We put in a stegosaurus.

We’ve been selling Hot Topic Dinosaur Shirts since the fall of 2005, you can see a picture of the first design that we shipped to them here (http://ripplejunction.com/MCJS002.jpg

) .

The phrase is not original, and people make dinosaur t shirts. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people who design things every day. Ask yourself, is it possible that 2 people in different places used a pop culture phrase and paired it with a dinosaur?

I also want to point out the irony of the fact that the person who posted this, Taddict, has on his blog a bootleg Gremlins tshirt. http://www.taddict.com/blog/2008/06/17/gremlin-t-shirt-design/

. We have a license with Warner Bros to produce Gremlins merchandise. We pay a lot of money to secure rights, is it ok to use WBros intellectual property without paying them? Apparently that doesn’t bother anyone.

We work hard to create original, creative artwork and have been doing so for over 15 years. We license artwork from major Studios and individual designers, and have a stellar reputation in our industry. I don’t know if this will change anyone’s mind, but I’m not going to sit back and watch our name get dragged through the mud.





Ask yourself, is it possible that 2 people in different places used a pop culture phrase and paired it with a dinosaur?


The point is it has been done before – on a t-shirt design, with a dinosaur, with the same text. In my opinion it was to much of a coincidence and I chose to make a post

about it. Whether it was a rip off or a coincidence the post still sparked questions and got people talking to the point of where you responded instead of being overlooked. I think I am entitled to my opinion with the information I had at the time.


I also want to point out the irony of the fact that the person who posted this, Taddict, has on his blog a bootleg Gremlins tshirt. http://www.taddict.com/blog/2008/06/17/gremlin-t-shirt-design/



It is a lot easier to recognize a rip off T-shirt design than to figure out who holds the correct licence for a shirt genre (there is not magical list that I know of). I had no reason to question Monsieur T

(which is the company who is selling that Gremlin t-shirt ) they offer wholesale pricing, have products in physical stores, and have been established for some time. But if you don’t think I care – you are wrong. In the past I have turned down post for shops who I think to be selling un licensed goods. Lastly I don’t think switching the subject matter onto me is going to take off the press you are getting for the design accusation..


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wordpress goes for the olive t-shirt (0)

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We have nearly run out of last years red t-shirts and so for summer 2008 we have opted for trendy olive green tees in both mens and womens styles. As before, these are limited edition, once this colour has sold out it won’t be redone. The t-shirts are still printed on lovely, soft American Apparel Standard American and Classic Girl tees.

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