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Checklist every t-shirt store should follow – Part III (0)

Published on June 30th, 2008. By

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checkbox-thumb-thumb Respond to customer inquiries in a timely and friendly manner. Your reputation for having good customer support and responding quickly could easily earn you more repeat business. Don’t use exclamation points or general sarcasm in your emails.


When I first started this blog – I emailed a store asking for general information on designs and pre-sales (expecting to make a post about the store) and received a negative response back. I still to this day haven’t used the company in my blogging because of this. Here is a small excerpt without naming the store.

All of the new designs are noted with ‘New for 2008!’ in their descriptions.. they’re the ones at the top of the store anyway with the white backgrounds!..

..it would be silly not to have everything up when it’s already up everywhere else!



checkbox-thumb-thumbKeep it simple – Don’t put one hundred links on your home page that lead everywhere else other than purchasing your products. A simple grid based design

that shows all your products on the main page is the best way to earn sales.

The guys at Wooshka

have the right idea. Simple menu, with a simple sidebar – and a homepage that easily shows their products and is easy on the eyes.


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