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Checklist every t-shirt store should follow – Part II (0)

Published on June 27th, 2008. By

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Offer a pre-sale on new designs. The guys at Fantastic Bonanza

recently pre-sold three new designs and received steller results .


Here were the points Joe at Fantastic Bonanza

had on his pre-sales

gauge popularity of items before investing in stock

provide customers with the (accurate) impression that they’ll be the first to get your tees

accumulation of capital to fund the printing of the shirts

customer perception of a sale that will expire more concretely than any other sale, because there can be no other pre-order sale on this design ever




Make sure your designs will sell before you put them up for sale.

Putting your future designs up on sites such as Emptees

will give you:

  1. a better perspective on how the shirt will sell
  2. critique from other well developed artist
  3. a chance to find out if there is something similar already on the market
  4. opportunity to develop anticipation for your new design

Case in point Linty Fresh

put up an already printed design only to find out that his work was a “common idea”   If he had tested his design on Emptees first, he might have thought twice about selling the design.


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