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Published on June 9th, 2008. By

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Is it just me or can you not find a unique t-shirt these days, from some of the smaller stores, without spending close to thirty bucks a pop.

Case in point – just the other day I wanted to find some unique designs to add to my collection without spending over what seems to be the norm of 18-24 bucks per shirt. But to my dismay everything I liked from these smaller shops was way over my budget. Don’t these shops realize they will sell more if they cut the cost, or are they simply getting ripped when it comes to purchasing the blanks and having them printed – thus the increase on the retail side? ( I think not, see the example below)

I strongly agree with The Daily Tee’s

title post “If You Sell Tees more than $30, You are Capitalist ” and would even edit the title from $30 to $24 (more than) which would apply to a high percentage of the stores I visited.

The retail cost of a t-shirt should depend a lot on the overall wholesale cost, but smaller stores shouldn’t have a handicap of increasing t-shirt cost because they don’t sell as much. Decrease your retail price and sell more tee’s, don’t increase your margin by 300% and become one of those stores that only the rich can afford.

Here’s a good example..
For 72 shirts (12-24-24-12) A six color print on a Gildan white tee would only cost me 6.75 from one of the liked online print shops – add a dollar for colors. Price goes down as you print more – for 100 of the same – on the white – it would be 5.00 a print. So if your selling your t-shirts for 28 dollars your making over $20 profit off each shirt!!@

Even if your paying royalties on licensed goods, your retail price shouldn’t be anywhere close to $30 a shirt! Smaller stores, like ones hosted on bigcartel

should take note from the larger known t-shirt shops (threadless, dbh, etc) and lower your price if you haven’t already done so. Stores like Johnny Cupcakes have nice designs, but I wouldn’t pay what they are asking per tee (35.99) any day of the week.


just my .02

I know opinions will differ

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