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10 reasons you should have a t-shirt collection (0)

Published on March 12th, 2008. By

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1. You will have something truly unique. Nothing like having a design that you know no one else can buy in the department stores. Your mom was right, you are unique!

2. You no longer have to waste your time finding something to wear in the morning. God, I used to hate trying to find a shirt with no holes to wear to work.

3. Your wife will stop harassing you to buy new cloths and throw away that 1980′s Alf shirt you still wear. To bad she doesn’t know I fished it out of the trash and wear it when she’s not there.

4. You have a chance to participate in the art work by voting or giving a critique. I tend to think the user or non-artist has a better perspective most of the time. I spend a lot of time on threadless forums giving advice or bad-vice.?

5. You might find yourself more colorful than the plain ole white t-shirts. I never knew I looked good in yellow.

6. You will gain a clearer picture of what brands and sizes best fit you, hence making you a savvy shopper. My first American Apparel shirt was a good fit until i washed it, now my daughter can wear it. I always order a size up and check the size charts of any new brand.

7. People might consider you to have some kind of fashion sense. Heh, who knew wearing the same 3 year old jeans with a new t-shirt could have this effect?

8. Your designs draw attention, striking up conversation, which gives you a positive feeling in what you buy. I hear "where did you buy that shirt" just about once if not more a week. I don’t mind telling them, I am very proud of what i purchased.

9. There is an almost unlimited supply of new designs daily

, weekly , and monthly to choose from. Department stores might update their designs once a season (a year) after they see new catalogs from vendors at trade shows. With online stores, usually the supply meets the demand for more artwork.

10. You don’t have to laundry as often. Once a week is good enough for me. Hey, thats good considering i have 3 weeks worth of shirts I could stretch out :-)


These are really in no particular order. I am curious to hear what your reasons are.

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