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Published on March 11th, 2008. By

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Sure its another big cartel

store, but hey its not "just another bit cartel store". Half of what I have seen on big cartel isn’t worth paying $1 for the design. These guys are moving in the right direction and seem to be moving ahead of the others. Keep up the good work and come out with a few more designs and you might find yourself on my favortie big cartel stores list .

Here’s what Rethink Clothing

had to say:

ReThink clothing started out in late 2007 after I was stressed during school and looking for something that would lighten my spirits. Rethink is really about breaking away and making designs that appeal to a wide range of buyers. We  go from artsy to robots so the style is varied. The real main thing though is that the art comes from only college kids. I believe college kids spend too much money on clothes that they see no profit from. Rethink switches it up gives college kids a chance to make their own style of clothes and see some profit in return. This is the first line out and I hope to add at least one more girl shirt and one more guy’s shirt in the next month


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