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SEIBEI coupon code = 30% savings! (0)

Published on March 27th, 2008. By

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yay, SEIBEI has decided to advertise a little on WOOT

– Good for them and for us. Use coupon code WOOT for 30% off all items (except zombie hunter ones)!

UrbanOutfitters.com > Gargamel & Optimus Prime in 08′ (0)

Published on March 26th, 2008. By

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Both $28 from Urban Outfitters – gotta love these with all of the serious political crap on tv.



New? big cartel stores to put on your watch list (0)

Published on March 25th, 2008. By

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Big cartel

is attracting some great designers/stores. Here are a few that should be on your watch list even though they aren’t on my fav big cartel stores list . Keep up the good work – gotta love the little people in the t-shirt world too ya know.

update: all of these stores will be added to our sidebar today


Effin Effigy

Alphabet Arm

Belief! yumi!


Clover Heart Creations

Cheer up!



Jimiyos thoughts for aspiring artists looking to make a profit (0)

Published on March 25th, 2008. By

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Taddict’s favorite artist Jimiyo has recently posted an article on his blog

that is titled "Truths for Aspiring Artists who want to Make Money ". If you fall into the category of an amateur artist  who wants to make more money then this is a definite read. Thanks Jimiyo for the handy insight.


4. Whether you sell to the public, or to other artists, there will be enemies on both sides who say you are wrong for what you are doing

If you sell American Apparel shirts and do not offer your customers larger sizes – then you are not appealing to your customers in a positive way. (0)

Published on March 24th, 2008. By

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Most of us learn the hard way that when you buy a fitted tee like the American Apparel brand that you need to go one size up unless you want to look like you can’t afford a shirt that fits. The guys at Design by Humans even recommend going one size up if you are between sizes due to the sizing. I am by no means a large person and usually I can wear XL in most brands, but if I buy anything from the beloved dbh or most recently threadless (due to their custom brand) it needs to be a 2xl because of shrinkage. So this post is to those shops that only go from sizes small to extra large – make more sales, please your customers, offer 2XL. We all come in different sizes and I do not think having a 2XL size is much to ask.

2 new styles for Caraway Clothing (0)

Published on March 24th, 2008. By

, under New Designs for sale .


Part of my Top fav big cartel stores

, Caraway clothing just released two designs that are up for pre-order now.

Don’t forget to read the text

"Pre-oder now, for only $18, and it will ship before April 1st! The cost of this t-shirt will go up after pre-orders are finished!!"

DBH submission "hoot" – by littlebirdfriend (0)

Published on March 24th, 2008. By

, under Design by Humans .


I actually like the size and placement of this one. Usually i shy away from the full shirt prints, but this one actually flows very well. Great work by littlebirdfriend

at dbh

threadless submissions spotlight, 2 designs from today worth printing (0)

Published on March 19th, 2008. By

, under Threadless .


It is rare that I will find more than one design – in one day that is worth printing from the slew of threadless submissions. Here they are:

I'm like a bird - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


Hair We Are! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Print Liberation – Obama tee and more (0)

Published on March 18th, 2008. By

, under Cool Sites .


Here is a unique store with a different style than most vector designs I come across. The designs are simple and usually have a point or meaning behind them. I especially like the "Rap Music Makes Me Feel Invincible

" design. Something I haven’t seen or heard before. Here is a preview of some others including the limited Obama tee that some of you might enjoy and the glow in the dark vampire teeth design.



Threadless spring cleaning sale! (0)

Published on March 17th, 2008. By

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Wahoo. I hate spring cleaning when it comes to me doing manual labor, but hey if the other guys are doing it and it saves me some cash – why not.

From today, March 17 until Sunday, March 23 (11:59 pm CST), we’re polishing up the old favorites to reveal sparkling new price tags: All Fruit of The Loom and American Apparel tees are only $9! And if that isn’t enough, even our own Threadless brand custom tees have shed off $5 of winter weight!


UPDATE: extended until Wednesday march 25!

check out what threadless has on sale now!

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