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threadless makes a step forward (0)

Published on February 19th, 2008. By

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Seems as though threadless has taken a step forward and has decided to stock new sizes and colors for all its new designs. There is also a new sizing chart

and pricing structure based on what is actually on the shirt instead of just bumping the price up to 25 from 15.

“Now offering FOUR new sizes for all of the Threadless brand tees: XS in guys and girly tees, 2XL in girly tees, and 3XL in guys tees!”

“Prices will be dependent on what’s on the tee, starting at $15!” “This means that Selects will not automatically be $25 and the regular tees will not automatically be $15 and $17. And now the ladies won’t have to feel slighted either! Guys and girly tees are now equally priced!”

Threadless will also let you know what specialty printing was used on a design such as this example

right below the image.

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