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Designs that should have never been printed! (0)

Published on February 8th, 2008. By

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I could grab several designs from some of the smaller stores but instead I wanted to focus on the larger commerce sites that should know better.



What the hell is this suppose to be anyway’s? Just looks like crap to me. At least im not the only one confused

by this.

Ah! Tasteless. I am okay with a little vulgar or tasteless designs but this one is just plain ugly. Good luck on wearing this one in public. I can’t believe threadless would let this go to the printers.

Design by humans:

Great blur, you just paid for a purple blur. What did you think, that everyone walks around with 3d glasses nailed to their heads?


I hated

this one when it first came out on Christmas day, and I still hate the site of it.

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