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Spreadshirt vs CafePress a quick look (0)

Published on January 18th, 2008. By

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So you have no money but want to start selling your design? More than likely you have come across one of these bad boys for shirt printing. Both offer the same overall goal of printing and selling your shirts with no up front cost. So which one should you choose? Well your main goal should be how much will my shirts cost and what kind of commission will I make? So below I made a quick comparison that can give you a glance at the differences between the big two, cafepress

and spreadshirt based on similar styles.




These results show that SpreadShirt’s pricing is a lot cheaper for blanks of the same genre as cafe press – giving you a better retail price and more room for commission markups. Not to mention a wider variety of colors in this case.

What are your experiences with these print on demand sites? Would you choose one over the other?

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