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Published on December 16th, 2007. By

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I recently exchanged emails with Brad from quixotic-clothing.com in regards to inventory and future printing. Here is what he had to say.

taddict: "I was wanting an update on printing the current designs you are sold out of."

brad: "..sold out shirts, the only one I plan on reviving eventually is probably the "Other Shirt". The other ones aren’t really going in the direction I want to take. However, I’ll probably be re-working the Other Shirt to make it fit in more with the current new designs."

taddict: "..I was hoping to place an order with some of the sold out designs.."
"..are you printing on American Apparel for the new designs – im asking because of the price point you have – really just curious."

brad: "Yeah, I’ve had a few requests for some of the older shirts but I just kind of feel like I can do better than them because not too much effort was put into them. I’m hand drawing all the new shirts so they have a little bit more of my personality."

"When I first started quixotic, I was using alternative apparel (robot shirt, goat shirt, and windmill shirt). Since then, I’ve been using American Apparel. The prices went up because I’ve been working with lower quantities and it in turn costs me more to produce."

So it looks like quixotic-clothing.com is going to re-stock its inventory but with mainly new designs, which is great. We hope to see a lot of great things come out of Quixotic in the near future with its new design approach. Cheers to Brad at Quixotic for taking the time to respond to my emails.

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