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Is my print really art work? (0)

Published on December 13th, 2007. By

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Today it seems more  prevalent that their are stores selling designs that are merely pre made vectors or brushes jumbled up and made to look like artwork when in fact they are not. What makes original artwork or design? Well, just write down the word original (or unique) on a sticky and leave it on your monitor next time you make a design and im sure you will figure it out. Try to only use pre made elements (such as ornaments, scrolls, text, icons and symbols) as small additions to your original design and thought process.

Here is just an example on how easy it is to create some of these non unique designs.

Vector sets offered by GoMedia can pretty much give anybody the power to make a shirt design. Next time your thinking about buying a shirt ask yourself if its worth it.

Here is a example from tenbills.com as what not to buy (in my opinion) if your looking for original designs.


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